How to record from apple music 2023?
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Apple Music has continued to remain a top platform for music lovers and offers a wide selection of albums, songs, and playlists. But the inability to directly download or record music in Apple Music has been a constant issue for those who want to listen to songs offline, and share the music with others. Although Apple keeps rigid digital rights administration (DRM) guidelines but there are legally-approved and efficient ways available in 2023 that permit users to save and record the music they download that they download from Apple Music for personal use. This article offers a complete guide to recording How to record from apple music 2023? using various methods and tools for enjoying your favorite music offline.

Before getting into the technical aspects before tackling the technicalities, it is important to know the legal implications of recording music using Apple Music. The Apple Terms of Service strictly prohibit the unauthorised distribution or reproduction of content that is copyrighted. While it is legal to make music recordings for personal enjoyment, distribution or sharing content recorded in violation of copyright laws. Therefore, it is important to follow the guidelines described in this article only solely for enjoyment purposes.

Method 1: Use Screen Recording Software

How to record from apple music? One of the most simple methods to record the music on Apple Music is using software for screen recording. While this approach may not offer the best audio quality, it could be efficient for recording playlists or tracks. Take these actions to capture songs from Apple Music using screen recording software:

  1. Choose a dependable screen Recording Software Choose a trusted screen recording program that works with the device you are using and your OS. The most popular choices are OBS Studio, Camtasia, and QuickTime Player for macOS.
  2. Start Apple Music and Select the desired track Open Apple Music and navigate to the playlist or track you wish to record.
  3. Beginning Recording Click on the screen to activate the recording software and set the recording area to fill that of Apple Music window. Play the music you want to record and let the software record the audio as well as video.
  4. Stop recording and save the file After it is recorded stop the recording on the screen and save the file in the format you prefer.

Although this technique may seem simple, it’s important to keep in mind that it records all audio that is playing through your gadget, which includes the system’s sound and notifications.

Method 2: Utilizing Audio Recording Software

How to record from apple music? If you are a person who is concerned about audio quality, using an audio recording software that is specifically designed for this purpose can be a better option. This option lets you record high-quality recordings directly using your computer, providing the highest quality recording. Learn how to create music using Apple Music using audio recording software:

  1. Select a Trustworthy Sound Recording Software: Opt for reputable software that is capable of recording audio directly via the audio card. Audacity, Adobe Audition, and GarageBand are all popular choices across various operating systems.
  2. Set audio settings: Set the audio recording software to capture audio straight from the computer’s audio card. Adjust the volume of the input to ensure the best audio quality.
  3. You can play with Desired Music on Apple Music Start the Apple Music application and play the song or playlist you want to record.
  4. Start recording and save the file Start the recording using the audio software, and allow it to record live audio. Once the music is recorded end the recording, then store the files in a compatible format.

With the help of specific software for audio recording users will be able to achieve higher audio quality than screen recording techniques.

Method 3: Utilizing the dedicated music converter software

How to record from apple music? A dedicated music converter software is an easier and more efficient method to record music downloaded from Apple Music. These software tools are specifically made to break DRM limitations and to convert Apple Music tracks into various formats that can be used offline. Take these actions to create the music you have downloaded using Apple Music using dedicated music converter software:

  1. Choose a Reliable Music Converter software Choose a reputable music converter that can support it to convert Apple Music tracks. TunesKit Audio Converter and Sidify Apple Music Converter along with NoteBurner’s Apple Music Audio Converter are the most popular options in this class.
  2. Upload the Desired Tracks into the software Open the music converter program and import the tracks you want or playlists of Apple Music into the application.
  3. Choose the output format and Settings Choose the format you prefer and then adjust the settings to meet your personal preferences.
  4. Start the Conversion Process Start the conversion process and allow the software to break DRM security and then convert Apple Music tracks into the chosen format.
  5. Save the converted files After the conversion has been completed you can save your converted file to the desired place on your computer.

The use of dedicated music converter software provides high-quality audio recordings, while efficiently removing DRM limitations.

Method 4 Method 4: Exploring third-party recording apps

How to record from apple music? Third-party recording applications provide an alternative method of recording music directly from Apple Music on mobile devices. These apps are made to record sound directly through the devices audio output, ensuring an uncomplicated recording experience. Take these simple steps for recording music using Apple Music using third-party recording applications:

  1. Find a Trustworthy Third-Party Recording Application Find an app from a trusted third-party that works with your device’s operating system. The most popular options are Voice Record Pro, Music Recorder RecordPad Sound Recorder, and RecordPad Sound Recorder.
  2. Install and configure the app Install the desired application on your mobile device, and set the settings for audio recording according to your preference.
  3. Listen to your Desired Music on Apple Music Open your Apple Music app and play the song or playlist you’d like to record.
  4. Start Recording using the app You must activate the third-party recording application and let it record the audio directly from the device’s sound output.
  5. Save the File Recorded When the recording is finished then save the file in a format suitable to playback offline.

Third-party recording applications provide an easy method of recording songs directly from Apple Music directly on your smartphone.


Although Apple Music maintains strict DRM guidelines However, there are legal and effective methods to be able to record music on the service to use at home. The options range from screen recorders to specifically designed audio recording programs, to specific music converter software and third-party recording software different tools and techniques offer users the ability to listen to their favourite music offline.

 It is crucial to utilize these tools in a manner that is responsible, respecting laws and regulations regarding copyright. Following the guidelines given by this guideline, customers are able to make the most of your Apple Music experiences and listen to the music they love at any time, from anywhere.

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